About POS

The total amount of POS issued is 100 billion, but half of it has been destroyed.

POS has the property of inflation. For every transaction generated on the chain, 0.1 POS will be rewarded to the transaction initiator.

Advantages of POS

  • TPS 3000

    The TPS of the Conflux laboratory environment is 3000.

  • Block time 0.5s

    The current block time in the mainnet is set to be about 0.5s.

  • Confirm within 30s

    The transaction confirmation time is within 30 seconds.

Distribution mechanism

50% of the POS founding supply will flow to the community, and the remaining 50% will be destroyed.
The POS distribution plan is as follows:

  • 50% To POS community members
  • 50% To destroy

White paper